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Catholic consecrated women who have served and are still serving in the province of Manitoba have been asked to write letters to their Younger Teenage Selves. CHAM has received a good number of letters from Sisters of numerous congregations.  We are happy to share these beautiful letters with you!


Handmaids of the Holy Child Jesus

Sister Bibiana Akpana Ikwun

Sister Victoria Alapa

Sister Jacinta Nwachukwu

Sister Georgina Brenya

Sister Eucharia Mgbeadichie (Click here to read the letter handwritten in Togo)

Sister Mary Ekpo

Sister Ursula Iheoha


Franciscan Missionary of Mary

Sister Showrilla Vatti


Missionary Oblate Sisters of the Sacred Heart and mary Immaculate

Sister Olive Halpin

 Please see the French page for more letters.


Grey Nuns

Sister Thérèse Vachon

Sister Rolande Bissionnette

 Please see the French page for more letters.


Sisters of the Holy Names of Jesus and Mary

Sister Marylyn Gibney

Sister Carol Peloquin

Sister Catherine Laviolette

Sister Jeannine Vermette

Sister Lorraine St-Hilaire

Sister Louise Van Belleghem

Sister Patricia Akins

Please see the French page for more letters.


Sisters of the Savior

Please see the French page.


Sisters Servants of Mary Immaculate

Sister Anne Marie Kozakewich

Sister Theresa Matwe (view pictures)

Sister Virginia Evangeline Pryslak

Sister Cecilia Anne Fystor

Sister Teresa Lesyk

Sister Doloretta Florence Shalagan

Sister Veronica Bartkiw

Sister Daria Sportak

Sister Florence McCadden

Sister Janet Kozak

Sister Darleane Pelechaty


Benedictine Sisters

Sister Marie Baker

Sister Mary Coswin


Irene Burz


Sisters of Our Lady of the Missions

Sister Sheila Madden

Sister Veronica Dunne

Sister Sandra Stewart

Please see the French page for another letter.


Sisters of the Cross

Sister Laurette Dubois

Sister Evelyn Pierret

Please see the French page for more letters.


Sisters of St. Joseph of Toronto

Sister Andrea Dumont

Sister Betty Lou Knox

Sister Mary Sibbald

Sister Roberta Freeman

Sister Trudy Zunti


Sisters of Providence of St. Vincent de Paul

Sister Dianna McNamara

Sister Margo Shafer

Sister Monica Whalen

Sister Josephine Doiron


Misericordia Sisters

Sister Adrienne Courchesne

Sister Marie-Anna