Legacy of Care, Courage & Compassion

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Manitoba has been blessed through the works of Catholic Sisters for more than over 170 years. Since they first arrived in 1844, these courageous, pioneering women overcame numerous obstacles and sacrificed much to provide education, care for the sick, poor and disadvantaged, as well as do mission work and help communities and parishes.  

To help acknowledge and celebrate the historical contributions and the incredible service the Catholic Sisters have made to the province of Manitoba, the Catholic Health Association of Manitoba in collaboration with the community at large has undertaken an initiative to honour this legacy.  

The planned launch of the documentary is expected to take place in late spring or summer of 2016.



This documentary is an intimate and reflective look into the lives of the Catholic Sisters of Manitoba. Humour, feminism, intelligence and compassion flow through their stories as they recount their life experiences. Throughout their groundbreaking work in our society’s social fabric, their sisterhood, sense of social justice, and religious faith upholds them through various challenges with the world that tests even their own faith. These refreshing and articulate women reflect on the future of their work and their kind, in a time where women no longer seek out the nunnery to effect change in this contemporary world. This documentary is a testament to the deep and permanent imprint the Catholic Sisters of Manitoba have and continue to leave on our soil.



Buffalo Gal Pictures is an independent film and television production company based in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. President Phyllis Laing and producer Liz Jarvis have developed and produced many challenging and diverse projects by creating collaborative relationships with creative talent and building successful co-production partnerships. The project director for the Legacy of Care, Courage and Compassion is Joanne Levy.